There is a growing number of so-called truth-tellers, a community of internauts, whether through youtube videos or blog posts, dedicating themselves to debunking and exposing magic tricks. Skepticism is the norm, and nothing must be left unquestioned. Yet for Thomas, magic is so much more than that. To him, the key component to magic, as a performance, has always been to entertain people and to make people feel good about themselves. The kind of tricks that are being performed is only secondary. What’s more important is that people will feel the thrill of experiencing something that seems to be impossible, right before their eyes. Thomas believes that at the very core, we all, as human beings, still long for meaningful emotional connections that are absent from digital entertainment, despite the convenience that it offers. Thomas’ performances are a way for him to engage with and entertain his audience in a way that will bring the best out of them. Through a mastery of his audience’s psychology, Thomas takes his audience on a trip where they will end up questioning their very own reality.  read more...

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